Timberline Foundation

Who We Are

Timberline Foundation is made up of individuals attracted by and committed to the notion of global citizenship.

For many of us, that interest was born from individual experiences at Woodstock School, in Mussoorie, India.

The ways in which we define global citizenship are broad and encompassing.

A Global Citizen takes a transnational perspective rooted in the values of tolerance and understanding. They are concerned about issues of justice, are equipped by experience and education to function in a global environment, and make a positive contribution to society.

A Global Citizen values and affirms the cultures of others, and has learned to appreciate and understand his or her own nation and its social and economic conditions. They are then able to better understand their native perspective in relation to the cultures, religions, and the economic, social, and political conditions of other countries.

A Global Citizen carries a sense of responsibility for others and for our planet and has the capacity to be a leader in society.

A Global Citizen develops a love for what is good and true and beautiful, upholds values that are universal in their relevance, is rooted in self-confidence, equipped with tangible skills, and understands how to communicate, encourage, and live harmoniously with those of different viewpoints and perspectives.